Development Kit

Smart Space Technology

ZeroKey Development Kit

The Smart Space development kit offers the greatest flexibility for integration, which is achievable at any of the hardware, communication, software, or dashboard layers.


Rapidly deploy with our proprietary Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology. No surveying required!


Smart Space is capable of tracking thousands of objects simultaneously, in real-time, within the same environment. Hyper-accurate 3D tracking provides a key data source offering highly actionable and contextual insights into operating environments.

Developer mobile node


  • SCM/Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • AGV's & Forklifts
  • Health & Safety


The Smart Space system employs proprietary and patented technology which is fundamentally based on ultrasonics. Each installation consists of several anchor nodes, which are deployed throughout a target environment. There no practical limit to the number of anchor nodes or size of deployment that is possible with Smart Space.