Hyper-accurate 3D localization sensor.

Main Feature

Dot's miniature size makes it ideal for wearable and portable use-cases.

Main Feature

Fully interoperable with other Smart Space technology, Dot fills an essential role in a fully integrated ecosystem of IIoT technology.


The Smart Space system employs proprietary and patented technology which is fundamentally based on ultrasonics. Each installation consists of several anchor nodes, which are deployed throughout a target environment. There no practical limit to the number of anchor nodes or size of deployment that is possible with Smart Space.


Smart Space technology is broadly applicable to multiple use-cases.

Copy and paste good workflows

Digital twinning and digitization of workflows have never been easier. Capture high fidelity millimetre-level data without bulky harnesses.

Integrate with AR glasses

Dot is easily integrated with AR and VR headsets, so you can leverage both of these breakthroughs.

Accelerate training cycles

Reduce training time and cost by rapidly building training models from real-world data, and deploying it instantly to training suites.

Real-time quality control

Digitize your product workflow in real-time to enable continuous quality control logic and monitor production performance.

Positioning Specifications

Parameter Value Units
Minimum System Node Range 1 mm
Maximum System Node Range 20 m
3D Accuracy (SEP) 1.5 mm
3D Precision (2σ) 0.1 mm
Update Rate (maximum) 20 Hz

Operating Conditions

Parameter Degrees
Operating Temperature (°C) -20 to 75°C
Operating Temperature (°F) -4 to 167°F

Electrical Specifications

Parameter Degrees Unit
Voltage 3.3 V
Power Rail Current Draw (active) 5.0 mA
Power Consumption* 16.5 mW


  • Supply chain management • Logistics
  • Indoor navigation
  • Process optimization
  • Factory of the future • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Academic research