Your world. Your stress.
Like other business leaders, you’re probably pretty stressed. You’re dealing with a pandemic, constantly changing legislation, daily updates from all corners of the globe, a worried workforce that has difficulty adhering to protocol, and the looming question: What if we have an outbreak?
Stay safe with Safe Space.
Protecting your business should never put your people at risk. And protecting your people shouldn’t have business consequences. So we created Safe Space, a product with precision and accuracy that keeps employees safe and businesses running.

Keep Your
People Safe
Until the vaccine
does it for you.
Safe Space
is the world’s most
accurate wearable
distancing and contact
tracing solution.
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The world’s most accurate wearable from global leaders in Spatial Intelligence.
Your people will all be safe once all of them are vaccinated. Here’s why Safe Space is your best option until that day arrives:
  • The world’s most accurate wearable distancing + contact tracing solution
  • 100x more accurate than bluetooth
  • Devices can be redeployed after COVID
  • Enterprise-grade solution
  • Military-grade security

What is Safe Space?
CBC News Interview – Feb 2021
Here’s How it Works:
Most employees want to stay distanced, they just need reminders. Safe Space enables precise device-to-device passive distance monitoring that’s accurate down to the millimetre. When devices become too close, they vibrate and “buzz”.

The distance data can be sent with high-grade encryption to an on-premises or in-cloud application server. If a case of COVID-19 is detected, contact tracing reports are automatically generated with a list of people who have recently been in close proximity to the infected person. You’ll immediately know is in danger and who is not.
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