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Hyper-accurate IIoT technology digitizes the 3D location of assets, personnel, and equipment across large industrial environments, down to the millimetre.


Wearable Social Distancing Technology

Helping workers stay safe while factories and businesses return to normal operations. Millimetre-level distance data enables haptic-feedback for employees that get too close and a powerful contact tracing tool to surgically identify close contacts.


Digitize, optimize, and automate your supply chain. Autonomous forklifts, guided picking, warehouse layouts.


Optimize your manufacturing processes through digitization. Real-time quality control, digital twinning, and time studies become a continuous process for optimal yield and cycle times.

Health & Safety

Understanding where your employees are located can be a matter of life or death. Whether it’s a man-down situation with a lone worker or during a disaster recovery scenario, understanding how to best deploy first responders is imperative.

Hyper Accurate, Large Scale

Localize objects in 3-dimensions to millimetre-accuracy across any size of environment.

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Low Latency

Drive real-time control systems with ultra-low latency data transmission.

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Rapid Deployment

Proprietary simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology auto-calibrates deployments without the need for surveying.

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Seamless Integration

Open API's and extensible plugin interfaces enable integration at any level from hardware to the dashboard.

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Development Kit

Rapidly test and integrate ZeroKey technology with a Development Kit. Everything you need to get a room-sized system up and running in seconds, with access to hundreds of examples, guides, and tools.

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ZeroKey Development Kit

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