Canadian Tech Company, ZeroKey, Partners with NEXTY Electronics, a Toyota Tsusho Group Company

Dec 6th, 2022 Original press release published December 6, 2022, at 2 p.m. JST on
Calgary, Alberta: ZeroKey Inc., a growth-stage technology company that develops the world’s most accurate large-scale 3D real-time location system (RTLS), partnered with NEXTY Electronics Corporation, Toyota Tsusho Group’s electronics trading company, in December 2022. ZeroKey services global markets with an emphasis on digitization and operational visibility of industrial manufacturing, warehousing, automotive, and supply chain operations. Partnering with NEXTY, an accomplished electronics distribution company with global sales channels across key market segments strengthens ZeroKey’s support and expansion of its customer base in Eastern Asia.
ZeroKey Inc. Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony, Left: ZeroKey CEO & Co-Founder, Matthew Lowe, Right: NEXTY President, Yasuhiro Kakihara

NEXTY’s technical capabilities, combined with their passion for innovation, align with ZeroKey’s mission to solve critical enterprise problems by driving optimization through digital transformation. Historically, the digitization of complex human-centric processes has been challenging due to the technical limitations of earlier technologies. Traditional IIoT technologies like Ultra-wideband and Bluetooth, cannot precisely digitize these processes on a large scale, resulting in significant untapped value in production efficiency, worker safety, quality control, and more. ZeroKey’s second-generation technology, Quantum RTLS™ unlocks this untapped value by digitizing and digitally twinning these processes in real-time and with 1.5-millimetre 3D accuracy across an entire facility. The hyper-accuracy that Quantum RTLS™ brings to industrial environments dramatically increases production efficiency and operational visibility, enabling customers to maximize their output while reducing costly errors.

NEXTY’s core business segments match ZeroKey’s current and emerging markets, resulting in a highly synergistic partnership between the two companies. As a market leader in electronics distribution and technical solutions, NEXTY is an opportune partner for ZeroKey as demand for hyper-accurate positioning technology continues to increase exponentially. ZeroKey’s innovative technology, combined with Toyota Tsusho Group’s global network and NEXTY’s comprehensive experience in the automotive, supply chain, and manufacturing industries, results in a partnership that will translate to increased value for customers.

High-precision Quantum RTLS sensors for any application

About ZeroKey: ZeroKey’s patented technology, Quantum RTLS™, is the world’s most accurate wide-area, 3D, millimetre-level RTLS technology that closes the IIoT utility gap in factories, warehouses, and industrial environments worldwide, including at six of the largest ten major automotive OEMs. Powered by ultrasonics, Quantum RTLS™ delivers high performance and reliability at any scale with unparalleled simplicity and flexibility. With a range of trackable tags suitable for diverse applications, ZeroKey technology tracks the assets, processes, goods, and personnel critical to modern business with unprecedented resolution.


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