Collision Conference – ZK wins the Collision Conference Machine Demo

ZeroKey Development Kit

After his disappointment with decade-old input hardware, Matt Lowe, a life-long tech hacker, Co-Founded ZeroKey in 2015 to transform the computing world with a new type of human-machine interface that features high accuracy and body tracking. Technology that came out over 40 years ago is still being used. We are still randomly smashing keys on a keyboard. ZeroKey is set to find a better way, which is where our name comes from – zero keys.

Imagine that a computer could determine your precise location in 3D and in real-time. The contact between humans and machines becomes natural. We now have the capability to provide intelligent AR/VR solutions to make that relationship between humans and machines flawless. It’s different to see, but Alberta is surprisingly strong when it comes to AR/VR technology. As it turns out, the challenges that AR and VR are great at solving are also familiar in the energy sector. Several companies have built great industrial solutions that are now being applied to augmented and virtual reality collectively. In Calgary, Alberta, we have a powerful academic community in the field of geomatics. Without industry leaders like NovaTel for example, ZeroKey would not exist today.

Our Virtual Reality glove began as a proof-of-concept to show off our positioning system. It provides a natural way of interacting in a digital setting. This leads to a large number of applications that cover almost every side of computing. Mainstream consumers in the AR/VR markets are obligated to choose between inexpensive solutions for a lesser experience or spend a decent amount of money for a higher-end system. We are working on bringing down the cost of AR/VR ownership by deploying our 6-Degrees-of-Freedom tracking technology in low-cost headsets. The collaboration of this technology will bring affordable, high-quality AR/VR to mainstream markets at just a fraction of the cost.



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