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Creating Safer Workplaces

The QTM-SMR10 is a wearable device that offers a positioning accuracy of up to 1.5mm in real-time, improving worker safety and enabling total operational visibility in dynamic industrial environments. Users are alerted through vibration and an audible alarm if they enter a geofenced zone without authorization or approach another device within a configurable minimum distance. The QTM-SMR10 helps businesses avoid and prevent accidents, improve compliance with safety rules, and protect workers during non-routine operations.

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Hyper-Accurate, Always Available

Millimeter-accurate, real-time personnel safety system offers precise indoor geofencing and continuous coverage of your entire facility to minimize and prevent injuries. Leveraging proprietary technology with over 30 patents, ZeroKey technology tracks critical enterprise assets, processes, and people with unrivaled accuracy. 

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Deploy Quickly,
Scale Easily

Automated calibration allows network localization to be completed rapidly with no need for manual survey measurements. The SMR10 is compatible with small or large-scale deployments, allowing for easy scalability and reuse of components in a larger network.

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Equipped with a high-speed radio and rechargeable battery, the SMR10 is capable of 24 hours of wireless operation in any mode. The Quantum RTLS system can be set up and torn down in minutes to support rapid innovation and portable applications.

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Vibration and Audible Alarms

Reliable, real-time detection of unsafe situations is essential for preventing injury in busy environments. The QTM-SMR10 is equipped with a configurable audible alarm, vibration motor, and LED alert light to immediately notify the user when unsafe events are detected and when static or dynamic geofenced zones are breached. 

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Total Operational Visibility

ZeroKey technology provides the highest level of operational visibility by harnessing millimeter-accurate positioning data to digitally twin operations in real-time. With complete, facility-wide visibility, businesses can manage and visualize their operations, digitize and automate processes, identify man-down scenarios, and guide operators with unmatched precision.

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Rugged Industrial Design

The SMR10 is built with high-grade materials intended for use in demanding industrial environments.



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