ZeroKey Pitches at Silicon Valley Open Doors 2017

Our vision at ZeroKey is to “make Virtual Reality, less virtual”, which means make it so mainstream consumers can see themselves using this product for everyday tasks. We were focused on bringing this technology to market ourselves, however, we have established solid relationships with some of the most major mobile phone manufacturers in the world and today we are focused on licensing and NRE deals with these companies.

Virtual reality today is too expensive and too bulky for mainstream adoption and that’s where we come in. We have developed technologies to bring Virtual Reality to those mainstream consumers. The current systems in the market are either too expensive, too bulky or have little to no room-scale. Room-scale is the ability to track your heads and hands in the VR environment which then allows you to interact with virtual objects.

ZeroKey has developed this core technology to bring room-scale to any VR platform. It is small and very portable, the entire solution will fit within the existing form factor of mobile VR headsets and it is inexpensive. Our indoor positioning technology can create a perimeter of 30’x30’ and have 360˚ room-scale tracking. What makes us so competitive, is our low price point, our low battery consumption and of course, the size of our tracker. The key to our tech is the size of our tracker, which is what tracks your head, hands, and/or objects in Virtual Reality. It is less than 1/5th the size of the competitor’s Oculus Rift trackers for example. This opens the door for a whole world of VR applications and other technologies that can enable things that were not possible until now with our solution.


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